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“My new shirt fits beautifully, feels incredible, and looks positively stunning."



The perfect dress shirt is not easy; it’s a thorough composition of perfect sleeves, cuffs, buttons, collar, and placket – all made from handpicked fabric, with attention to weight, yarn, weave, and stitching.


But at our studio, utmost care and attention goes into making something look easy. Kamaal sees each client to take measurements and review style, fit, and material. Our inventory includes fabrics from premier English and Italian mills in the world including Thomas Mason, Cotonificio Albini, Canclini and Tessitura Monti, to name a few. After you’ve made this selection, Kamaal begins constructing your custom shirt.


When finished, the garment is returned and ready for fitting. Kamaal will introduce you into the clothing and make any alterations as needed. The majority of our first-time clients rarely require a second fitting. Should you require more than two fittings, we will re-cut the shirt.



Your dress shirt will be ready in 2.4 to 3 weeks. Rush service is available when working with tight deadlines.



Shirts starting from $150.

First-Time Buyers receive $25 off.


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