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"I had many wonderful compliments on my wedding day suit, most importantly from my wife!"




Our studio specializes in making your big day, well, yours from top to bottom. This means that your groom and groomsmen can be fitted not only into a handmade suit, but also into custom footwear, and polished with our in-house accessories.


The process begins with a visit to our showroom, where style and fit is discussed, movements are studied with an educated eye, measurements are rigorously taken, and individual patterns are created.


Kamaal then guides you through the catalogs of fabrics and linings, which includes inventory from the most reputed fabric mills in England, Italy and Europe. After you’ve made this selection, our factory begins assembling your custom garment using a full canvas construction.


When finished, the garment is ready for a fitting. Kamaal will introduce you into the clothing and make preliminary alterations as needed. The majority of our first-time clients rarely require more than two fittings. Should you require multiple fittings, we will re-cut your garment.



Your custom suits will be ready in 3.5 to 4 weeks. Rush service is available when working with tight deadlines.


Suits starting at $889.

First-Time Buyers receive $100 off.


Jackets starting at $679.

First time buyers receive $75 off.

Pants starting at $275.

First Time buyers receive $35 off.

Prices vary depending on fabric selection and construction of garment.

wedding party

We offer group packages for wedding parties of 2 and more. See more details.

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