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What is bespoke?

Bespoke is an English term dating back to the 17th century, when tailors held the full lengths of cloth in their stores. A customer would choose a length of material that was said to “be spoken for”. Hence an outfitter who crafted clothes to your specific requirements was called “bespoke”.

Bespoke clothing goes a step further than made-to-measure clothing, which uses a basic, pre-existing template pattern that is then roughly adjusted to your individual measurements.

Custom suits by Kamaal Kadri

Bespoke clothier Kamaal Kadri recreates the time honored English tradition of bespoke craftsmanship along with the Italian fit and silhouette. Kamaal Kadri bespoke suits are a true representation of British elegance, with a precious heritage of handling cloth married with a tradition in fine English tailoring.

Unique piece of clothing

A custom suit enhances your individuality: it is not only perfectly tailored to your measurements, but also according to your taste and to the occasion which you will most likely wear it, whether for work or pleasure.

Be it a tailored 3-piece suit, a casual jacket, a custom dress shirt, or a pair of pants, Kamaal Kadri offers a wide choice of colors, cloths, linings, buttons to choose from.


Top quality cloths

Good quality materials are most essential to custom clothing. Kamaal Kadri sources the best cloths from England, Italy and around the world. He may use Japanese and Egyptian cotton for creating shirts, worsted wool from Italy and England for his suits, and for the exclusive touches, creating inner linings from Rayon, Bemberg and chameuse silks, satins and much more.

A bespoke suit by Kamaal Kadri is a work of guaranteed quality: it will last and conform to your body for a long time.

Dress with style

At Kamaal Kadri New York, our tradition in fine tailoring ensures that the experience is pleasurable. From the moment measurements are taken, it becomes apparent that dressing will no longer be an exercise in compromise.

Located on the historical fashion street of 5th Avenue in New York City, tailor Kamaal Kadri will strive to create a bespoke suit that is perfectly fitted and in accordance to your taste, to befit the occasion and in keeping with the seasons and fashion trends. KKNY signature lies in the finesse and subtlety in which he crafts each piece of garment for a sophisticated look.

Pick, fit, wear: a simple process!

On your visit to the KKNY shop you may know exactly what you want and Kamaal Kadri will simply take your measurements and execute; or you may be hesitant and he will take the time to offer advice/suggestions for your custom piece of clothing: color, fabric, lining, pockets, collars, trims, hand stitch details…

Kamaal Kadri and his team delicately assemble any piece of clothing and all adjustments are made in-house with Wilfred’s Tailor.

NB: The cost of a custom suit varies according to the fabrics you choose, and garment construction (hand-stitched vs fused) but it will be the same (if not lower) than a suit you would buy off the rack and that you would need to get altered.

Kamaal Kadri also offers custom shoes and belts. Stop by the shop to see what is available.

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The BESPOKE method is a 3-step process:

1st fitting: Skeleton Fit
Detailed body measurements are taken, an individualized pattern is hand-drafted and cut from scratch- not the standard, adjusted template pattern, as used by many other made-to-measure firms. Before the cloth is cut, a trial suit known as a “skeleton fit” is prepared. This is a basted garment cut to specifications, that is the basis for a fitting to determine changes.
2nd fitting: Forward Base Fit
After the first fitting is complete, this pattern is adjusted, the cloth for the garment is cut and trimmed along with the hair canvas and linings. A single tailor is then given the parts of the garment to sew together, from the earliest fitting stages, to the final, complete suit. This stage is known as the forward base fit.
These initial stages of construction are absolutely essential to make a well-fitted garment!
Final Finished Garment
Each bespoke suit is hand-made, even down to the button holes. After the first two fittings, the final garment is ready for delivery. Final alterations,if any, are made in house.